The Street – Top Executive Recruiters Tell New College Grads How to Reach the C-Suite

August, 2016

As 2016 college graduates leave the comfort of campuses nationwide and turn onto the mean streets of the working world, finding that first job starts feeling a lot like queuing up at the starting line – for a marathon they never trained for. Many of these fresh new minds look to be the future executives of tomorrow, but right now they still don’t know too much about a 401K.

So how do they – no matter how smart, no matter what school, no matter the pedigree – figure out which first job to take if the road to C-Suite success looks more confusing than imaginable? For starters, consider the advice of three top-flight executive recruiters who work with major CEOs throughout the U.S. and abroad. They know where you want to end up, and they certainly know the best place to get a jump start and chart the path ahead.

In a world full of start-ups, it can be easy to think that any experience is good experience. Don’t forget that classic companies still look great on a resume. “As we work with some very high quality professionals, it’s typical to see a ‘big’ brand name on candidate resumes,” said Vivienne Dykstra, Business Development Director and Global Graduate Lead for Futurestep at Korn Ferry  (KFY) , based in Los Angeles.

There’s a reason for it. These bigger companies have the means to make you a better employee, and fast. “They often have formal graduate training programs and therefore give a good grounding and training,” Dykstra added.

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