SHRM – Playing Games with Applicants

August, 2016

Recruiters are using gamification to find out if job candidates are a fit for their company.

Organizations are creating games for applicants to play to make learning about and applying for a job more fun, effective and efficient. The games engage people with the employer brand, personalize the recruiting process, and assess talent for skills and fit.

Companies already commonly use gaming principles to engage and motivate customers and employees—think profile ratings, loyalty programs, hidden badges, check-in schemes or anything that requires interaction from users.

But game theory for recruitment has been slow to evolve. “Organizations in the past have often considered it gimmicky,” said George Vollmer, vice president of global accounts and strategic development at Futurestep, the global recruitment solutions division of HR advisory and executive search firm Korn Ferry. “However, with the somewhat recent surge in digital services over the past few years, businesses are now realizing the worth of this recruitment tactic, not only for their own benefit but for that of the candidate as well.”

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