HRO Today – Better Together

September, 2016

How organizations can align corporate responsibility efforts with employer brand in order to attract the right talent.

With 63 percent of full-time employees looking for new employment according to recent research from talent solutions provider iCIMS, a company’s reputation is now more important than ever. The pressure to be seen as an employer of choice has increased organizational focus on employer brand—how a company is viewed by its workers and potential employees.


“Individuals want to work for organizations with a positive reputation and ethical c-suite leadership,” says Jill Schwieters, president of Cielo Healthcare.


CR Magazine’s (our sister publication) 2015 Corporate Reputation Survey found that if unemployed, 86 percent of American females said they would not join a company with a bad reputation. These results indicate how important employer brand and ethics are for organizations. The survey, which was sponsored by Cielo, encompassed a poll of more than 1,000 employed and unemployed Americans in the effort to gain insights into how corporate responsibility, reputation, and transparency can impact job decisions.


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